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Tile and Grout Cleaning Cape Coral

Dirty tile and grout have you frustrated?  Professional tile and grout cleaning in Cape Coral – Fort Myers and beyond is just a phone call away.

Tile floor, known for its durability, easy maintenance and cost effectiveness is gaining popularity as an alternative to carpet flooring; it is also a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Just like carpet, ceramic and porcelain tile flooring needs professional attention in order to optimize the look and life of your flooring. When it comes to maintaining and cleaning your tile and grout, you can rely on our certified expert technicians to keep your tile and grout looking like new.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Ever notice how the grout in between your tiles seems to get darker over time? That’s because it’s slowly absorbing dirt and grime causing discoloration. Tru-Clean Carpet and Tile Care offers the best in tile and grout cleaning using cutting edge technologies that eliminate dirt and discoloration. Using a state-of-the-art steam cleaning process coupled with environmentally responsible cleaning solutions that are safe for small children and pets, our technicians expertly remove hard-to-clean grime and dirt.

Cleaning and maintaining tile and grout can be a tedious, time consuming, frustrating and physically exhausting job.  Homeowners throughout Cape Coral, Fort Myers and all of SW Florida spend countless hours on their hands and knees scrubbing the grout lines just to watch them get dirty again within a couple weeks.

Grout is a very porous material made up of cement and sand.  Because grout is porous dirt, liquid and bacteria can penetrate deep into the grout lines causing stains, discoloration and odor.  Trying to remove the stains and discoloration is next to impossible.  There are three solutions to cure dirty, discolored grout.

  1. Removing the grout and replacing it with new grout.
  2. Steam cleaning the grout or using specialized cleaning solutions.
  3. Color sealing the grout.

Removing and Replacing Grout

Removing the grout completely from the tile and replacing it with new grout is expensive and unrealistic when there are more efficient and less expensive ways to deal with stained grout.  Grout replacement is very time consuming and can take several days to complete.

Removing grout lines will cause extreme amounts of dust and debris in the home and must be done with extreme perfection to avoid chipping and cracking the tiles.  Once the old grout is removed and the new grout is applied, it will only be a matter of weeks before the grout lines begin to stain and discolor leaving you exactly where you started if you fail to properly seal the new grout.

Steam Cleaning Tile and Grout

Steam cleaning tile and grout lines using specialized cleaning solutions coupled with experienced technicians is the gold standard for cleaning dirty tile and grout.  Cleaning grout lines with this method is highly effective on deep set oils, dirt and bacteria but will not remove “permanent stains” that have damaged the integrity of the grout.  In 95% of all homes we perform tile and grout cleaning services in, steam cleaning the tile and grout with our patented emulsifying cleaning solutions achieves remarkable results and complete customer delight.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Inspection to determine best cleaning method for your particular flooring needs
  2. Custom blend the appropriate cleaning solutions
  3. Apply cleaning solution to tile and grout and allow sufficient time to dwell
  4. Agitate cleaning solution into grout lines
  5. Safely rinse flooring with hydrogen peroxide blend under 900+ lbs of rinsing action
  6. Speed dry tile and grout and inspect results
  7. With clients permission apply a quality sealant to protect grout lines from re-soiling

Speaking of sealant, we highly suggest that you have your grout sealed. We apply a professional seal that penetrates the grout as opposed to store bought seals which merely coat the surface. Utilizing proper cleaning techniques, your sealant can last up to five years.

Color Sealing Grout Lines

Occasionally grout is permanently stained and no amount of cleaning can remove the stain. Much like a dye that discolors a carpet, or bleach spilled on your favorite pair of blue jeans, stains in grout can be permanent due to grout’s very porous makeup.

Don’t despair though, because we can now reseal and recolor your grout to practically any colors you desire. The seal is long-lasting, too, and will remain for up to fifteen years or longer.

Color sealing grout lines is the most effective and efficient techniques to obtain perfect stain free grout lines without re-grouting your tiled areas.  The process starts by using mild cleansing products that will remove all surface dirt, oils and bacteria.  Once the grout has been cleaned, a color sealer is hand applied to the grout that will fill all the holes and voids that make the grout porous.

Our industry leading color sealers can be custom color matched to any shade of tile or grout.  The customer has the option to match the original color or change the color of grout to any shade desired.  Once the color sealer is applied the grout lines are permanently protected from any stains, discoloration and bacteria.  In fact, our color sealers contain Microban, the nation’s Number 1 bacteria fighting agent used in hospitals around the world.

Tru-Clean Carpet and Tile Care’s color sealing process is typically completed in one day and will not create any dust, debris or mess.  Our patented color sealing process is always guaranteed against cracking, chipping and peeling to ensure a lifetime of beautiful, clean grout lines.    If you are tired of dirty, permanently discolored grout lines ruining the look of your tile, call Tru-Clean Carpet and Tile Care today and have perfect, stain free grout lines tomorrow!

“AMAZING COMPANY – if you are looking for someone to help you – my tile floors look BRAND NEW!!!”

Cindy Winsor T. – Naples, FL

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