Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning in Cape Coral

Allergen Free – Safe for Small Children and Pets – No Caustic Residues

The earth is our only home.  The cleaner we can make it, the better home it is for our children and for ourselves.

At Tru-Clean Carpet and Tile Care we deliver the most effective carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning available.  Our family uses GOLD certified environmentally responsible cleaning solutions and couple these cleaners with the most effective cleaning technologies in the industry.  We believe in the future and want to make it a healthier one, for our children and yours.

With global climate change becoming a significant social issue, people are more aware of how their daily choices affect the environment. In particular, they are increasingly concerned about how energy production using fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas impacts the environment, and in turn our future quality of life.

There is a growing movement of environmentally conscious and well-informed consumers who are making choices for their future in a whole new way, choices based on whether or not the products and services they use are earth-friendly, safe, recyclable, and energy efficient. This includes cleaning products and services.

Going green is about embracing the principals of environmental responsibility and making different choices to lessen your impact on the environment.

What is “Green Cleaning?”

Green cleaning is the use of products and services that reduce the environmental impact of our daily lives as compared to similar non-green products and services.

The goal of green cleaning is to protect the health of building occupants, visitors and families across the nation, as well as reduce polluting affects to our air and water. Unlike traditional carpet cleaning companies, Tru-Clean Carpet and Tile Care uses green cleaning solutions that go far beyond simple appearance.

Going Beyond Green Cleaning

What good are green cleaning products if the way they are manufactured or delivered to your home is harmful to the environment?  Tru-Clean Carpet and Tile Care has been “green” since the day we opened for business.  We just didn’t “jump on the band wagon” because “green” is now being accepted by many consumers as the right thing to do.  As are our clients, we’re concerned about our environment and the indoor air and product quality delivered to our clients.

When purchasing green cleaning solutions we investigate the manufacturer to make sure they are also acting in an environmentally responsible manner.  In manufacturing, what’s left behind after a product is produced is called its footprint.  Car manufacturers leave behind mineral quarries stripped of iron ore down to the earth’s bone.  Makers of plastic need petroleum, which means mile after mile of oil fields pumping crude oil out of the ground.  For many people, just the word “manufacturing” conjures up images of smoke stacks spewing pollution into the air.  That is their footprint.

At Tru-Clean Carpet and Tile Care we purchase our cleaning solutions from Planet Guard where every process used to create their products has a minimal impact on the surrounding air, water and land.  Our product containers are not only recyclable; they are made from recycled materials.  By demanding higher levels of manufacturing standards, we feel we can make an even bigger contribution to our environment.

When it comes to the safety of your family and pets, the Number 1 thing you can do to protect your indoor environment is to demand an environmentally responsible carpet, tile or upholstery cleaning company.
Our cleaning solutions are not only safe for the environment, they’re allergen free and leave behind no caustic residues like most carpet cleaning solutions do.  Our cleaning solutions are safe for small children and pets, help improve indoor air quality by delivering a deeper clean and the main ingredient in our solutions are a combination of orange and grapefruit oil, hydrogen peroxide and lemon rind.

Ecofriendly Cleaning in Cape Coral

Can carpet cleaners change the world?
We can try.